snake health

by inner speckled flower

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This project is a celebration of the interior.


released September 23, 2019

written and recorded in the spring of 2019 by Christina Tsui


all rights reserved



inner speckled flower Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: fineness
no mirror, no existence
no How do you do them

the mirror comes close to the body
look around maybe to see
what the trees are swallowing
your own palms swinging

with finesse we grow a lot
we might be held over
will you hold me like a bird?
Track Name: friend
friends that I seek
are unknown

falling back on your message
I will grieve the sound of

my car rumbles
causing my eyes to water

here I am to greet them
here I am to name the color

out of my eye the side door
you took that one before

tell my friend to knock
the door open

I am not ready
to see them see me

I will grieve the sound of
Track Name: energy
circular and covered out
drawing brings a lot forward
from a keen line
not only messes


the surface is softening
still I like a crude like
emerging from me


fearful finds her way
blue cloud through Corona
red over the condos
a pointed thought presents itself
saving me

Track Name: snake health
one big lacking width
one big understanding
I stood on the plinth with them sparkling
buckle up,

snake sheds its skin

I know I saw it happen
I swear I saw this

a fine tooth way to be
offered me

total confidence
sunnyboy I'll be
someday, snake
Track Name: tomato
are you already bone dry?
waiting for that song to lift you?

I create my needs

tomatoes for breakfast, that's fair
kept it half empty
they were cold and sweet

I create my needs
they don't have to compete
with your sides
if you choose to show them

what it feels to be listened to
warm and attentive

I can take a breath
create my needs
they don't have to compete
if you try to know them
Track Name: two stones
mind made up?
what I pass for sometimes
and when you're stuck I desire

two stones
one to hold
one to know

tearing up at the light
after conflict and let down

enjoy the cold cloud
and the bed, vertical window

I kept myself open
that's what matters the most

now I'm walking the block
midday energy moving

stumped by none but
two adjacent thoughts
one to know
one to hold
Track Name: camo
if I take the center
and project it out
it becomes loose

breathe a little deeper
it'll upend you

am I a winner?
for being woven
letting me be woven into

shame chameleon

no harm no foul
without consequence
I sound for truth into the sky
ready to offend me
ready to be a friend

shame chameleon
Track Name: hopeful prospect
quarter-fact, century
blue blue blue
tied to the question

gingered and done
fallen out of direction

but still super still
like a log on the lawn
freed and alone

granular, otherwise the thoughts
blue blue blue
seeming ripe for attention

forget where I was
fallen out of direction

still super still
making eyes at the song
freed and alone

rolling toward
something wet and new
looking under the log

red plastic straw,
bright dew

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