parkway periphery

by soft salad

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These songs were written between fall 2012 and spring 2013 and recorded in a bedroom mid-May 2013. They are heavily inspired by the 110 Pasadena Fwy, Highland Park, the San Gabriel Valley and its adjacent mountains, metered parking, and soft feelings.


released June 3, 2013

written and recorded by Christina Tsui


all rights reserved



inner speckled flower Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: decent desire
backlog desires, and
remembering defeat in the bathroom stall
I numbed out then

it was crazy
the energy diffusing then
my hand felt like a claw
and you're completely on the other side
I always seem to try or not try at all

cold houses, retiring
change is not valid until you're lost
and I numb out when
Track Name: arroyo
a week ago I called to check
familiarize yourself with the area
of choice
of course you'll miss them
idealize them
realize how comfortable you get

on the radio they called a heat wave
I am driving a few hundred miles
this week
turn on the a/c
I want that peace
the parking meter green when I leave

I forgot my keys running down the stairs
hillside, toy freeway, close u-turn
I take it back another five miles
Track Name: peripheral hill
over every hill I tell the time
a part of the summer void
suburban skyline

I'm talking about the seasons,
means I won't last
I chose land over people
and that's supposed to be sad

that part I know
that part I won't show

there's no word for feeling this dumb
the TV shows and border patrol

I don't want that kind
I can't be that kind

comfortable in a moving car
in the back seat through a pass
between dark hills
moving past
Track Name: waste intended
so much time bent
tunneling over you
and what I was bound to
carry out illuded

all the soft feelings
gumming up and tar-like
then not-knowing
and other wasteful showings

maybe you'll hit that rhyme
I'll extend that measure
the only sight worth seeing
is that of pleasure

how messed up it can be
when no one is leading
Track Name: notion
outdoor megadome and two palms holding the moon
I was meant for tough beginnings and tougher nighttimes
relatively speaking

carnivorous planes and heavy dimensions
did I mention
what was meant when I said

summer color, defeatist notions
when I motioned
to the spaces you left
Track Name: eaton canyon
at the base of the San Gabriels
no sound
but the canyon houses and dinner made
catching up with my friends

did you ever think I would exhale?
well I fake my rest everyday
and it takes convincing when I hurt
I'll point that out some day
and by then I'll feel cured

hiking alone the oak creek
I kneel
surrounded by left things to try
missing out on what's real

there were pictures circulating of your person
and the fixed familiar sound
I am on the kiddie trail
and I jump when I've been found
Track Name: shorts
baby, I know why
it always feels like the end of summer
collegiate conveniences
go home to remember your mother

I think I'll dry my clothes on a line
lethargy based in the suburbs
drive around just to know I was right
a kind of pink and frozen custard

oh, when it melts you forget how much it hurts
oh, when it melts you forget how much the sunburn burns

baby, you're wearing your shorts
and I wanna know your escapes
I take a run next to the nursery
shake the milky tea out of me

I think I'll die on the way to the Westfield mall
lethargy based in the suburbs
drive around just to know I was right
a kind of pink and frozen custard

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